How can therapy help?

Therapy (counselling and psychotherapy) provides a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space for you to explore any personal issues. We will explore whatever you choose to bring at a pace that is determined by you. This process is unique in each person's case and different kinds of support may be needed at different times. You may need my support: to be heard with compassion and an open mind; to navigate your way through difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviour; to uncover self-limiting beliefs, assumptions and internal criticism; to explore how your past experiences influence the present; to try out new ways of seeing, being, behaving and relating; to affirm and integrate new developments. Therapy can also be used to get in touch with your unique gifts and talents, to work through any inner blocks to offering and expressing those, so that you can live a fuller, more satisfying life.

Whereas counselling tends to be shorter-term work that may focus on one or two specific issues, psychotherapy moves towards longer-term work. This offers the opportunity to explore and resolve issues related to your deep underlying personality structure which developed early in life. An introductory meeting gives us the time to discuss the difference between counselling and psychotherapy and which might be more appropriate for your needs.

I have experience of working with a wide range of themes such as: anger, bereavement, family, health, stress, trauma, life transitions, career, loneliness, purpose and identity. I specialise in the following areas: depression, anxiety, abuse, low self-esteem and relationships. I also see couples for counselling.

Stepping stones across a stream

What are 'Gestalt Therapy' and 'body process'?

Gestalt Therapy is a style of counselling and psychotherapy that supports the natural capacity of awareness inherent to us all. The German word 'gestalt' loosely translates as 'whole', which points to the holistic nature of Gestalt Therapy: by becoming aware of different aspects of your experience (including thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, beliefs, embodiment and behaviour) you gain insight into the ways in which you have been unknowingly limiting yourself and interrupting the natural flow of your vital force. This awareness also reveals new ways of seeing, being, behaving and relating which are an expression of your innate wisdom and compassion.

As my approach is holistic it includes 'body process' which means being aware of how you embody yourself - how you relate to the experience of your body. Our bodily experience contributes to our sense of ourselves and for various reasons we may have needed to distance ourselves from aspects of our bodily experience. Body process supports you to feel more 'at home', more 'present', in your body. It can involve working with touch therapeutically. On occasion, if I sense that it may be helpful and appropriate, I may suggest doing so. I will always ask your permission before making any kind of physical contact and check out with you whether you think and feel that it would be appropriate. If you would like to discuss body process further we can do so during an introductory meeting. For example you may be interested in focusing more on touch-oriented work or you may not want me to suggest touch at all.

My role as a therapist is to support your awareness in the here-and-now. This can include exploring the broader context of your life, such as relationships, work and home as well as your history. Gaining familiarity with the power of awareness in therapy leads to a greater reliance and trust in the power of that same awareness in your daily life. This brings forth various natural qualities in you such as responsiveness, clarity, open-heartedness, confidence, creativity and joy.

I offer a reduced cost introductory meeting.

If you would like to make an appointment or ask any questions please call me on 07550013989.

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